A new blogger from IBM is here, I’m very glad to add myself to the long list of bloggers who are welcoming @StorageBuddhist to the blogosphere!

All contributes to the blogging community are well accepted but, in a hard fighting arena like this, one of his first posts were a little bit ingenuous (IMHO)… and posts from other bloggers arrived promptly!

But let me get a look to the latest one: “Comparing XIV Power Consumption”.

Jim is asserting that XIV is better than V-Max and USP about power consumption but this comparison is far away from my mind.

Why compare only the power consumption? isn’t it better to compare the proportion between iops/watts or net-usable-space/watts?

And more, V-Max and USP are more scalable than XIV, so why not compare multiple rack installations too?

V-Max and USP may use different kind of disks for different types of workload and a lot of cache (more than XIV), more controllers, more replica options and so on.

Why do you think that XIV is comparable to these products? please let me know.

From my point of view customers are evaluating USP-V or V-MAX (perhaps DS8700 from IBM or 3Par T-class) primarily for performance, scalability and availability and only secondarily for their green features… or not?