Well, You know I’m not very fond of EMC but this time I need to thank them for their help in qualifying and validating new technologies and products from other vendors!

EMC is the worldwide leader in storage sales and whenever they tell something a lot of people listen carefully in order to properly understand if it might be helpful for their job!

In 2009 they have done a great job, more than any advertiser or marketing team, speaking about new virtualization technologies for storage and automated tiered storage (FAST) is only the last pearl. Indeed, EMC is not leading in the implementation of these new technologies but they pointed in this direction and raised a big deal of hype!

FAST V1 isn’t comparable at the moment with products from competition like Compellent’s Data progression (others, more important than me, say it: here,  here and here 😉 ) but, of course, validating Compellent as a competitor means a promotion of this company as a primary storage to look for deciding to implement new SANs. Cool!

Thank you EMC!