This morning I read this article from @storagezilla. The article was probably intended to clarify the confusion about the different LUN types in an EMC Clariion CX array.

WOW! it is interesting to see that to do the same job, provisioning a LUN to an host, you have at least three non-basic different types of LUN, each one has its own constraints and limitations (one of them still not yet available!!!). Furthermore you need to add the traditional LUN provisioning, the one made directly from the RAID group, so you reach the incredible result of 4 types of LUNs from the same array!

On the other hand, Compellent has only a type of LUN:

  • virtually unlimited in space,
  • thin provisioned,
  • wide striped,
  • optimized data placement enabled,
  • capable of a granular and efficient automated tiered storage,
  • capable of unlimited snapshots without affecting performance,
  • fully replicable with many option (comprised Dedupe and Qos),
  • not to mention any next generation feature!

BTW, if you are an old generation CX customer (not CX4) there is nothing you can do with any of next to be released features. If you have a 3 generations old Compellent you can have all these features and the next generation ones!!!