Yesterday we saw a lot of interesting things and I’ll try to briefly summarize a list of the most interesting stuff:

From the software side we have a lot of interesting news:
– Enterprise manager integration with VMware
– Support for space reclamation with Symantec Veritas
– Symantec storage foundation HA (aka Veritas Cluster), storage foundation for Oracle RAC are all certified and supported.
– Replay Manager now supports Hyper-V
– Upcoming IBM SVC and HACMP certifications.
– Strong Microsoft PowerShell support
– Pre-canned support for Dynamic Infrastructure Toolkit for Microsoft System Center
– Citrix Storage Link plugin
– Live Volume for non disruptive volume migration between Storage Centers, for load balancing and planned outages avoidance.

On the hardware side we have interesting things as well:
– FCoE, 8Gb/s FC and 10Gbit iSCSI support
– Next to be announced Series 40 hardware platforms with bigger and faster processor/cache/expansion slots. 
– zNAS: unified storage

What they are working on:
– Deduplication leveraging dynamic block architecture on primary storage
– Backup and Archiving as a Tier 
– Cloud ready API
– Hardware integrated zNAS
– Integrated scale-up and scale-out architecture.