Archeology or Technology?

On friday @plankers sent this Tweet:” 2.5″ 10k disk is as fast as a 3.5″ 15K disk. Did not know that, thanks @Compellent #TechFieldDay“! yes, it sound a little bit strange and it is inaccurate but twitter’s 140 chars limit doesn’t help to fully explain the whole story. Simply put, this result is achieved positioning most accessed […]

Ecco perchè Compellent ti propone meno dischi

Sono dispiaciuto di leggere post come questi. Probabilmente, come per sua stessa ammisione, chi scrive quel blog non conosce molto bene lo storage Compellent e magari c’è bisogno di una spiegazione per capire meglio come è possibile raggiungere certi risultati. Vorrei dire innanzitutto che non conosco l’ambiente di questa particolare trattativa/progetto, ma sono un rivenditore […]

Why Compellent proposes fewer disks

Dimitris, Sorry to see blog posts like this one. I like your blog and often I read it but, this time I think you have done wrong calculations and the result isn’t very good. Probably, as per admission, you don’t know very well Compellent’s stuff and you need some help to better understand how it […]