More cores? More bucks!

New many cores (6-8-12 per CPU) servers will be here in a month or so: these new server will not sport only more cores but also more RAM and IO capabilities as the continuing trend seen in the last years. These new machines are perfect for deep virtualization tasks and many customers start to consider […]

The real power of POWER!

Ops! They did it again, IBM announced some new servers  (P750, P770, P780) sporting the new Power 7 CPU at the beginning of this week and, of course, they published a new shiny benchmark showing the power of POWER. 🙂 Following this link you will find the SAP certificate for the P750… but I would […]

Your new array isn't better than my old array

After my latest post I saw an interesting piece from storagebod. This was just a contribution to a discussion started some days ago about space guarantee programs: marketing campaigns to lure customer to change their old storage for a brand spanking new one with the promise of better efficiency. I disagree with the assertion: “Your […]